Lift Station Cleaner - Lift Clean (Multiple Packaging Options)

Lift Station Cleaner - Lift Clean (Multiple Packaging Options)
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One of the most difficult and messy problems that most city maintenance personnel face is the cleanup of frequently clogged, dirty and slow running lift stations.  This product floats on the surface to clean lift-station walls and mechanisms without scrubbing. It quickly saponifies and dissolves grease and other organic obstructions without forming a hard soap crust. It's fast-acting, non-fuming and non-corrosive. It also converts grease balls and other organic obstructions into a soft mass and liquid that easily flows and keeps flowing.

Use a sufficient quantity to provide a 1 to 3 inch layer on the surface of the grease trap (half gallon will cover 60 square inches at a depth of 2 inches). Thereafter, add 1 pint per week for normal loads.  

Add to liftstations. Pour enough of product to maintain a blanket layer of 1 to 3 inches. It takes approx. one gallon per square foot. Check maintain thereafter.

Capture may also be used in sinks and drains to overcome water stagnation and other malodors. Sink: Add 2 ounces on a bi-weekly or weekly basis. Floor Drains: Add 1 ounce of product for each inch of pipe size twice a week.    

Under normal conditions this should eliminate need for manual cleaning. For traps that are HEAVILY LOADED with grease, it is suggested that a manual cleaning of the trap be done before the initial dosage.         

CAUTION: Combustible mixture

  • Fact acting and non-corrosive
  • Non-fuming    
  • Emulsifies fats, greases, and oils
  • Nonacid    
  • Natural Deordorizer
  • Does not break down with water
  • Nonacaustic
  • Environmentally safe
  • Regular use eliminates manual cleaning
  • Safe on metals
  • Petroleum distillates
  • Does not contain hazardous components
  • Grease Traps    
  • Schools
  • Institutions    
  • Sewage Treatment Systems    
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels    
  • Lift Stations
  • Motels
  • Restaurants    
  • Wet Wells
  • Cafeterias
  • Airports    
  • Shopping Malls
  • Factories


Specific gravity…………....830        


Ph ……………...….….…...N/A      

Flash Point…....…......…. 122  ͦF  



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